No single size fits all. The same goes for project practices as well. Ampro’s experts apply a plan-driven, tailored approach to every project we in take! Check how our approach handles & streamlines your ideas

About the software

The impact of mobile shoppers on retail businesses is incredible. Most of their preferences are fueled by major predilections such as instant gratification, personalization, non-intrusive humane component and most of all transparency. When customers have a range of choices and they want everything ‘now’, eCommerce sites should be equally competent to provide them with more immediate experiences. Ampro’s eCommerce software is a culmination of personalization, transparency and ease of use that promotes customers with a frictionless experience. Merchants have to only get our software that is built purely on customer preferences and put themselves in a position to innovate further, while providing frictionless experiences.

    The importance of eCommerce website, the app and its functionalities

    The transition from eCommerce to M-commerce happened sometime after 2008 when the Android Market (now called Google Play) and App Store made their presence known on the smartphone. It is super-convenient when customers place orders on their handheld devices and even pay for them through the app. But the demand for a qualitative app and website design especially in the eCommerce industry is primary. The trend is gaining momentum gradually, where dozens of goods can be stored in your pocket. With the development of eCommerce as a potent business and ever-widening internet audience, it is imperative for enterprises to actively invest in technology to integrate more digital features into their online shop.

    Benefits and features

    Ampro’s eCommerce website is a strong sales machine that generates leads that can be quickly turned into customers. The features’ list of our eCommerce website and app is as follows:

    • A wonderful design where the key areas of the entire store are identified in less than 3 seconds
    • User-focused functionality where customers can purchase goods and services without abandoning the platform
    • Personalized shopping experiences for customers across multiple channels
    • Easy sign on processes where visitors can first browse for products and register even after pushing goods to the cart 
    • Real-time personalized product recommendations with every click
    • Hassle-free checkout and order management without lengthy sign-up forms 
    • Order shipping transparency and painless returns 
    • Streamlined customer experience beyond the purchase platform 
    • Physical retail integration where you can find a given product even when you walk into the brick-and-mortar retail store
    • Advanced security features along with easy payment modules across varied cashless forms 
    • Comprehensive and 360-degree visual information of the product 
    • A list of product search categories with price comparisons

    Why Ampro?

    Ampro Tech Valley is fast-emerging technology firm that builds products not just according to paper-wise requirements, but after a thorough understanding of the customers’ psyche. We seldom deviate from the actual requirements of our clients. As a product-based company, we offer a range of exclusive and out-of-the-box services that are designed to match the customers’ niche. As a full-service software agency, we develop applications, corporate systems, deliver business intelligence tools and IT consultancy providing you with directions to build custom solutions and drive innovation. We build smart applications that impact the behavior of the customer and help users take control of their operations. 

    As visionaries and strategists Ampro is in the process of shaping a new world of eCommerce where complex business challenges can be resolved and your competitive advantage is enhanced. As your trusted and reliable partner, we apply well-designed and scalable business-changing solutions to achieve high levels of service quality.